Steve is not only a good man and friend, but he is a great lawyer. He understands that defending a case does not begin in the courtroom; rather it ends there. He is a critical thinker who worked tirelessly on my case and fought even harder once the battle of a trial began. Steve has an innate ability to read his client and understands when the client needs a pat on the back or kick. That balance not only prepares himself and his staff for trial, but also prepares his client for their own battles, decisions, and pressures a trial brings. He was open, honest, and deserving of the trust a client must place in their lawyer. He treated me with respect, demanded it from others, deserved it from all, and had an unsurpassed courtroom presence. Steve skillfully cross-examined government witness after government witness, made timely and well thought out objections and motions, and provided articulate and powerful opening statements that were unrivaled. Perhaps the greatest compliment I could give Steve is not from me at all. Instead, it is from a juror who after our 5-month long trial said that Steve McCool ‘ruined’ court TV for him and that if court ended on a Friday, he couldn’t wait for Monday morning to come. I have trusted Steve with my life and would never want to go into court with another lawyer by my side.

– Marc Morales

Steven McCool is relentless in the defense of his clients. Steven works as though he is the one on trial. His tenacity is second to none. I am fortunate and thankful to have had his services.

– Lenny Solt

Steven has an incredible work ethic and was unrelenting while representing me. He went into extensive detail when preparing for my case and gave me a great sense of relief about my situation. He is a bulldog in the courtroom and has a command presence. After everything Steven has done for me I call him a dear friend and would recommend his services to anyone in need.

– Donald Ball

I have hired Mr. McCool twice on cases pertaining to myself. He is very personable and takes every effort to find the best way to counsel his clients. He will leave no stone unturned.

– Bill Spieler

Steve and Julia handled my case with the highest level of care, attention, and dedication any defendant could ask for. Not only did they work tirelessly preparing my defense, but they also valued my input and ideas. I was impressed by their innovative approaches to my legal defense and their willingness to pursue a strategy that was slightly unconventional. Overall, I am forever indebted to them and will never stop thanking them for their hard work and for getting results.

– Oliver Harris

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